Hello Wildcat family,

Wildcat Wednesday will be held at a few different locations each week to raise money. You can show the attached flyer or just mention REV.

We now have a regular schedule for Wildcat Wednesdays. Make it part of your family tradition to support the program (and get out of cooking dinner).

First Wednesday – Del Taco on Redlands Blvd and Citrus (you need to show the flyer) for flyer click: Del Taco 
Second Wednesday – Gridiron meeting at 7 pm
Third Wednesday – Jersey Mike’s (just mention REV) our program will get $1 for every sandwich or salad. This deal is good all day, not just at dinner. for flyer click: Jersey Mikes
Fourth Wednesday – Johnny’s Tacos (you need to show the flyer)

All flyers will be emailed out, as well as posted on our website and the Team App.

Go Wildcats!